Alive, 1993, yts

“They overcame the impossible by doing the unthinkable”.

Old Christians, 1972 – They had a really old Spirit, this means they were really nice! Yes, God is One!

This Rugby team was invited to play in Chile, but on the way the plane crashed and several people died in the moment of he crash. After that, those who survived lived in the wreckage of the plane for 60 days. What is interesting is that during these 60 days the deaths of the other survivors were occurring, some were injured or others died of cold. The main points I would like to highlight is the spirit of unity they worked together so that everyone could survive. They decided to eat the flesh of those who were dying and melted the snow water. They voted, many disagreed, but in the end they eat.

God sent an avalanche that left the plane completely covered. In the other day came a beautiful sunny day. It was a way of salvation because it no longer had that strong gust of wind on them. They prayed to God since from the beginning in the hope for survive. A very remarkable moment was when one of them was dying and he had his gaze fixed and he said he was so close to God. This was close to the moment of his death. everyone slept and the other day he was dead.

-I’m So close to God, So Beautiful…He reminds me Michael of Dawson’s Creek.

In the other day the day was with dark clouds. God sent sun many times. They decided to sent 3 of them to find help, and one of them said: Last night i had a dream, i saw a green field, flowers, grass.

The big surprise when they saw them coming for help!

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