#There is no how!

#Alive, 2020 and Train to Busan, 2016

Two records in South Korea. The same zombies, same velocity, same way of infection, by Being bitten.

#Alive – The main characters survived in the end but they almost couldn’t. They were alone with a big number of infected. They basically got trapped in their apartment with lack of resources.

These zombies are different from the USA. While they are slow these ones have more velocity, they really run and attack throwing themselves on top. The damage number is undoubtedly greater and with great speed. One person alone cannot fight against them. In places with glass like airports or doors of any kind, they make strong force and break everything, they also can open doors like a normal person.

Weak points: These zombies also like the USA can be distracted by music, sounds, if you want to run to another direction you can create a distraction. Also they get slow in the dark. I’m thinking this moment about that the Carnival trucks could be useful. Or maybe a Airplane with music?

Both are very interesting and emotional. I have no explanation you just should watch. More i see more i know that is real.

It’s really a blood infection, the blood clotting is extremely fast. Just take a bite and it’s gone. The person transforms in a matter of seconds.

There is 100% of chance of all communication to fail. 📴🎵🏴‍☠️

#Drones are very useful.

#Solar charges too.

#Ropes to climb

The train to Busan, they were in a train and everybody got infected after a infected girl got inside. When the train reached the station they were running to survive. They lost everybody, only two people survived.

The train to Busan only the pregnant in the left and this little girl survived. Both with good hearts. Champions of this experiment? Casualty? Vampire infection?

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