The big point is – Change the game for good.

What Jesus said in the Bible, – The Kingdom of the sky will come not in a visible appearance, the Kingdom of the Sky is inside of us.

Now all the Hell people are getting crazy and making everybody crazy. Because they don’t wanna die. And, want to make me crazy too, but they can’t. Why? – Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. I’m very calm and conscious, but the only way to know for sure is the TIME, the time will show.

Some questions:

  1. God gave earth to humans, not to deamons, so, here is not the HELL.
  2. God said too, here is a copy of the reality. So this means that will have another earth, beautiful, saint, not like this one, that in my oppinion is destroyed.
  3. Who must to rule the world? Bad or Good People? – The answer is Good People.
  4. Why Bad people are still rulling this world? Because they are all united, they don’t let Good people go inside of the System and change things. They are rulling all the main big Companies and institution.
  5. How can we change the Game? – Answer: The Bad people must to give the Power to Good People, that’s the only way, but they will not give, so we must to conquer it in a good and democratic way.
  6. All the hell People are becoming un-dead, i can translate this like after they died the bad spirits go inside of them. Or is simple a disease, a infeccion. They also can fell, maybe? The solution is for you to make a reconciliation with God, ask for forgiveness with all your heart and change the game. The most important thing already said is REPENT, change. So we can fix things.
  7. Once we destroy Democracy, the things will never be like before, everything will be absolutely devasted.
  8. I wish sincerely things to change, for Good.
  9. If You have the Power to fix things, fix it.

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