Cost of living Brazil 2021

The minimum wage 2021 is R$1.100,00. How to cover the difference in Brazil? If you want to fit rightly you must to have at least one Credit Card to pay the difference that the companies don’t want to pay. This is what the masses do, because they are working always with PREJUDICE, this is our economic law since i was born, this is the way how the things work here. No one wants to low the prices, the supermarket makes war and the Textil industry also makes war, offering clothes above the price it really costs.

If you are not happy you must to invest in education and pay more at least R$18.000 reais/year to upgrade. I gave you the national ticket, if you want a new car a popular is about R$48.000 reais, one second hand the price is around R$15,000 reais. Gas will request around R$600,00 per month.

Brazil has a population with high debts, they hardly progress, because everything is very expensive. We do not live, we survive, better saying we under-survive. The progress is backwards.


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