The book of Tobias

It’s the first time i read, and my conclusion is that this history is one of the bests in Bible. Sometimes they react like the people in Gulliver’s travel. The people in that time were really good, with good hearts.

Tells the history of a man named Tobit, he was helping people that were murdered outside the walls in Ninive, Assirya, he was living there like prisoner. He took bodies of his countrymen he found out of the grave, gave a lot of donations to poor people and received the visit of the Angel Raphael. Raphael had a great participation and helped his son to travel to another city. Raphael is very kind.

After Tobit became blind for 4 years by some sparrows he asked to his son named Tobias a favor, to rescue a investment in silver, that he left for 20 years with a family member named Gabael of the Neftali’s tribe.

In this context there is a woman called Sara, she married with 7 men. They all died after the ceremony, she never consummated the wedding night. Very interesting, was described that a demon killed all of them while they slept, in the other day no one could understand. Maybe was her father, that was my conclusion, very strange. She thought about committing suicide because she got a lot of bad reviews, but reflected on the fact and gave up. Rafael appeared when God heard the prayer they prayed, he was sent to solve the case, helping Tobit to regain sight and help Tobias to marry Sara.

I will not tell the whole history, just read, 🙂 i believe you will have the same impressions. They were really nice people, today we almost cannot find people with this royal behaviour. We can learn a lot in how to become better people. Get your upgrade downloading the book!

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