What happens when we have a market in totally democracy?

This means that everybody works to everybody have their place in the productive cycle, total of unemployed people and active people + the total sum of companies. If we have a deficit of job offers we must to create new companies or reallocate them.

In question of Liberty of expression, we have the right to talk whatever we want, and do whatever we want. For example: If someone give a middle finger this means that this person has the right to do so, and this person doesn’t have to be condemned because of this.

Everyday here i listen some people say: Go fuck yourself for their families, i don’t like to hear, but if i have some extremist here this person could not be alive today. That’s what i mean, people should learn that everything is normal, and if we find some abnormalities we classify these acts CRIME.

The muslins must to learn to respect others. They will learn with time, or God will teach them during their life.

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