She was one of my influencers, when i was young i loved hip hop, because i always loved dance. Still like, sometimes i dance. Was a time of innocence. When you were dancing without malice, just to enjoy the rhythm. That was the time with Destiny Child and Beyoncé. Now the things are different, i’m a mother and i’m more concerned about the body’s exposition as well, i prefer my kids to be focused on talent, because i don’t want them to be discriminated even if all the women are fighting to show they are free to show what they want to show without being called “Bitch”. The most important is to not put the new generation in dangerous with the exposition, because the world uses it to trap the girls, only to say and justify – She got what she asked for”, or, she will be the new prostitute, that’s what the criminals say when the girls expose their bodys. Beyoncé is always fighting for the black girls rights, she is very engaged and responsible. Thank you for so much fun when i was young!

Happy Birthday! To many years to come ahead!

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