I miss you in the Basement – Lost Women or children

Most of the kidnapped girls are in the house’s basement, most of the buildings in Bulgaria and in Europe are this way. They go inside of your apartment when you sleep and kidnap you. I already told that in Europe we do not have Keys, they make copy of the keys, i believe that is the same in United States. Kéfera described that she drunk wine and after that she woke up in another place. I was living in a Building of plasterboard (gesso acartonado), the acoustic was terrible, i was listening everything. They hid several women there, including my daughters were screaming there.

What is most terrify about this is that these criminals made several excavations on the walls to invade the apartments. When you leave to work for example, they do these things, they do this excavation in the air conditionair because you cannot see, behind it.

Kiiara – Gold – 3:09 the Eco of the sound of a basement
Roger Sanchez – Lost (The Eco that makes when you are in the Basement)

The two musics demonstrate the same ECO of what is to be in a basement or underground.

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