The little evil movie, 2

I Random on Netflix. It’s a kind of self defense movie. Worth your time.

Tells a history of a mother that participated on a ritual, she was pregnant and had a child that start to have body possession by a demon. She met a man and married him. He helped with some friends to solve this problem. The boy was almost sacrificed in a ritual but he was saved because this man believed that this case could be solved. It’s interesting, because the people behaved like the boy should die because he was possessed.

There are many solutions, one of them is to Baptize the boy and try to make his life more active and happy. The biggest problem in Europe as i see and in USA is that some people are living in Villages alone in big houses with small families.

This woman could be condemned because of that ritual, but God Never give up on his children. Repent and transform your life, don’t give up and stop worship the Devil, i already said, you can go out of this.

One tip is never to be ALONE. The Devil hates happy families.

Nuvens aqui

26.08 – Parte Norte – As cores são do Arco Iris relacionado às crianças na foto saiu amarela pq é algum filtro que a Samsung botou no meu celular pq já tirei antes esse mesmo tipo de foto e saiu igual ao que disse, as nuvens negras simbolizam os maus que as mataram. Ou tem algo paranormal como um anjo na frente. Só quem pode dar a resposta é os USA.
Milk Way kind colors… foto anterior com o mesmo celular. Foto feita no 09.07.21
27.08 Parte Leste – Mais gente cortada…quando não cortam aparecem rostos.

Imagens do dia

Genetic of Cigans in the left. Does not mean that this man can be bad, but anyway, this is the genetic that precedes. They also make camoulflage. They appears good workers, but at night they kill in the hidden.
This kind of face you will find in Bulgaria. Also origin Cigan. This man is a reporter, but is hard to know the good and the bad. We must to be careful. If you see that they they challenge you, they put loud songs, scream a lot, always play indirect at a distance, make noise in the apartments, there’s a good chance you’re a target of them. They use drills to drill holes in the walls of the apartments.

You realize that you are a target because they seek confusion without any reason apparently, they hit wood type on the floor, are very inconvenient. If you see such behaviour, you bet, you can call the police. The criminals are there.