“I’m divorced, thank God”

“Every time I count this rescue I get goose’s breath”

As soon as we got married, he came to me firmly and said, “Here’s the thing, my wife doesn’t work. I answered at the time: – How wonderful!

First month of marriage I said, – Love, give me some money to do my nails?. He said: – Love, stops it, your nails are beautiful naturally.

Me: – Love, i would like to paint my hair. He: – Stop with it, your hair is beautiful naturally.

I said: Love, i need to do hair removal and he replied: – Ah, Love, stops it, start using these curls right away.

Married to this man, I learned how to make my nail, my hair, I was almost sewing my own clothes. I wasn’t married to a man no, I was married to the Worker Center helper (SENAI). My marriage was the first professional marriage in history.

Women living under basic conditions in a marriage. They are not wives, they are slaves. If you see such condition report!

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