King Kong 2005 🦍🐱‍🐉🦇

Some main parts. How to apply it in our personal lives.

Best lessons: (in my point of view)

#King Kong is the main character, he is a legend indeed. Mainly because he is not a coward. He shows that in that island he is the king.

#He is sad, lonely and for his lucky he found a friend giving to his life a meaning despite the challenges of surviving.

#The real friends. “The real friends never let you behind” no matter how hard is the situation.

#Fidelity and character – People exposed in difficult circumstances react in different ways, many became animals (using instinct only) forgetting that LOVE is the main factor.

#The disrespect of humans with the Nature and GOD. GOD knows that has limit for our interference in nature. When we pass the limits disasters can happen. The Nature is totally awake, they only don’t show it. Many people are sleeping. When we awake see that we made many mistakes. They had the movie, but the destruction was the result.

#If King Kong was a man, he could be a great man, he is an inspiration for all men. Letting outside the brutality, he had the main one. Courage. The jungle gave him this strong character because if you want to survive you must to be prepared to face many adverse situations.

#About character Ann i believe that she could be stronger than that and be more faithful. She was divided because King Kong was an Animal, and about what others would think …also, the character of King Kong reacts like a man. It’s almost like he was not an animal, instead a man inside that body. This shows the similarity of brains and understanding, we were made to believe that animals have inferior spirit than ours. The main question is King Kong was a man spirit? Or really he has such similarity with us humans. That’s why they say we are an evolution of monkeys. In that place, he was smarter than Ann.

They were possessed by unclear spirits
For sure an unimaginable primitive and unexplored world
What i will gonna do to not be eaten? Some circus it’s a good strategy for sure, it worked! Let’s make a friend!
Well i’m not so impressed you are so little! I’m bigger than you! Hahaha! I’m the king!
He was thinking that he is like Ann, so he hesitated, he only killed because he wanted to shoot him. Very interesting.
he fought with 3 giant dinosaurs, only because she was worthy of his friendship, he saw that she was different from others humans. That’s why he saved her. He has a very good reflexion. While he was fighting he was protecting her.
Here he was thinking, also bored and very tired, hungry, weak…he was very brave indeed! 🦾

Worthy seeing, has much more!

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