Usually people are well intentioned.

For us to make a spiritual kingdom until God returns, we have to exorcise all protests. And for us to do that, we have to clean the churches. I would recommend in each service to read the word of God. It would be good to read from the beginning. My teacher said to me one day: The Bible is a book that you will always find something new. And it’s true, every time I read it, I discover something new.

“We have to pull everyone out of the fire”.

I hear the neighbors talking and start laughing: – They say, oh, they are all protests. The situation is not easy. I also have problems, i cannot sleep, i have protestade also. They are trying everyday to torment. We must to fight. That’s why i’m attentive. Apostle Paul said: Our fight is not against people, is against evil powers. We have to be patient. It’s a big exercise of LOVE. Prepare yourself to not sin. this goes for the Greek and also for the Jew. :).

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