Yes (real) or Not real and what to choose.

Little compilation until here.

No – don’t accept this truth, but they use in this system to control people.
Yes, God showed this triangle.
Yes, he sent visions, they are real.
Yes, the daemons possess bodies.
Yes, God talks in the Sky, the Angels are doing this to him.
Yes, they have access already. Better pray before planning a baby. I would choose to not give vaccine in the babies. Better without, but the mother and the father must to be very healthy, if they are not eligible to have babies better don’t. The most important is quality than quantity.

Do you have any question?

What is the real name of GOD?  He answered already, is יהוה) — YAHWEH! His people, the Jews!

“All who invoke my name will be saved – is יהוה) — YAHWEH . You can say: GOD, the almighty, YAHWEH, the creator of the Universe, of the Planet Earth, please, help me! I need you. He is with us everyday.

He also said: “I’m the beginning and the End. I understand that God is the beginning described in the Bible, like he is the creator, the Old Testament and also he is the End of the System of Things, the New Testament, with Jesus Christ. It’s like he is trying to say, whatever which name you call me, i’m all the things, because i’m the owner of this Universe. I manifest the way i want and i will speak in different ways with everyone. So, who are you to question GOD? You are a merely creation of him. I’m talking about myself, many times i questioned GOD. He does not like it for sure, but this is the way i’m. I question everything.

One thing that people get confused is about Religion. I like to thing about Faith because if i want to talk with GOD i can go in any church, because the Bible is one. The message is only one. The problem is with us, deep inside, if we are in accordance with GOD our spirit is clean, if not, we need spiritual treatment.

Yes, he has a Throne. This is true. 🙂