Do you want to stay younger? – Update

I would like to fix my mistake in regarding to the consumption of meet. I was reading the Bible today and i saw it. It’s not easy to say when i make mistake, i hate it! but here it is.

God said to Noah in Genesis 9: 3 – All that moves and lives be to you for food, as I gave you the green grass, I give you everything now.

So, i will be sad the entire week from now, but here it is. Forgive me God in the first place because i didn’t see it in the moment that i made my post.

Don’t be discouraged if you as me stopped to consume meet, i for tell you i don’t want to eat meat, only fish. For me is like more innocent. I’m feeling bad because i want to be spiritual, not flash, because with the flash comes many bad feelings.

I have a strong intuition that we were supposed to be Vegans. In the beginning of the Creation God said that. We must to pay attention. That’s why Daniel was so young and wise. He knew it!

Genesis 3: 2 
- She (Eva) told, in another words: - God instructed us to eat the fruits of this tree!
Genesis 3: 9
- In another words - God made the tree good for food, or as you wish, to EAT.
Genesis 3: 29
- He was very clear, and every tree, which bears fruit yielding seed. IT WILL BE YOUR FOOD!
Daniel 1: 8, 12, 13, 14,15,17
- He asked to eat vegetables and water. He said in his heart that he would not be IMPURE with the Food and Wine's King. He asked to make an experiment for 10 days to see the difference between him and his friends and the others king's servants.
The Result was that in the Final days of their experiment, they were healthier and younger than the others.


She is screaming now…

25.02. 06:12- Because of this they don’t want to go out. She said. And continue to scream. Take this child out now!.

25.02. 22:13 – She is screaming. People are around here pretending. I’m praying for this. My number is already blocked by emergency. I do not know where exactly is she. I listen. Is in this building. Or very close. She will scream all night. I don’t know what to say anymore. This is a mirror of what you are…(That’s why we are better than others)…

It’s you and GOD.

No one told you.

-It’s you and your neiboor!

-It’s you and bla Bla bla bla…

God express himself through his creations. If you recconize that GOD is the creator of everything you see in Nature and you are a creation of him. So forget your EGO. It does not come from GOD.

Let’s clean all these dark content we see on the internet.

This is my house, that’s why you cannot manipulate me. 🙂