Paranormal presence (vampire)

I would like to share an episode with you. I was at home in a normal day when at night i saw outside my window a shadow of some dark cloud with wings moving, i was kind very surprised and i could not believe in what i was seeing…very well… i continued to observing and i saw these strange wings moving up and down like flying but static…and finally i realized that i saw a vampire! Yes, i was 100% sure of what i was seeing…

In the other day i was again observing on my window to see if the vampire was there, fact it was not there anymore and the same space was normal. Although outside is dark like usually is, i saw nothing. And in the third day i made the same observation, nothing again.

My conclusion is the vampire was only certifying to give me a little message that it’s real. So my Faith in GOD double after that.

Well, other day i was watching outside and was very early, like 5h and watching the very strong fumes coming out of the fireplaces and i made a picture. What i saw was very surprise, the background went purple, like a different background i never saw. I didn’t payed so much attention to this picture. But other day when i went in the School to see my children i made a picture of my child and the picture again became purple, was around in the space, the lights of the school was OFF, SO THE VAMPIRE WAS WATCHING ME THERE. THEY LIKE DARK PLACES. My kid was very SAD, with a terrible face, that means that this EVIL demon was there manipulating my child attitude.

I suggest to all mothers and fathers to baptise them immediately. So they can have good dreams and stay away for these negative presence.

Turn the lights ON, put your children to sleep with light. Always. The sheets always clean and white.

The bakground seems like it. The Vampire is around in a not materialized form. We just cannot see it. My child was with this FACE like this girl.

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