Kilogram Control.

Two things that I am against: Waste and fraudulent scales and more…that someone who claims to be my friend call me a thief and in this very establishment have their scams defrauded.

1 Apple 100, 130kg = 6 apples (780kg), not 1,240kg. – So…for a damage apple, the price should go down.

Don’t estimate my intelligence or my ignorance how you prefer.

Thank you very much. That’s the way the money goes…

The good ones of another store together with the bad ones.
The most expensive apple in the Planet. 4 for only 9. The original price is 12 for only 2. And it’s cheaper than that…balança fraudulenta.

Guess what?

⚕️Check up at doctor regularly.

🛐 Always pray for protection (the devil cannot attack your body and warm you).

🚼 The baby move inside your body, he can goes to your back so the doctor cannot see him. Maybe it’s controlled by the chip.

☣️ Also it can be a parasite(worm) that is controlled to attack your body. Obs: They make sounds like they are talking to you. Drink constantly medicine. Chloroquine is also a worm’s medicine.

Mom’s eyes opened on your children. Check up at the doctor also. Listen their tummy to see if has heartbeat (exactly in the tummy)

Did you see something like that in your eyes once in a lifetime? Or heard someone that had the same experience?

Some information: The person was not in the hospital and this is not happening to the person in question, happened to another person or child. The person only saw it but knew that was not happening to herself.

Flash light in the Eye, once in a lifetime, and if this person had a child. This person must to be a woman, not a men, most precisely a mother.

Some war tatics for begginers…

Write in a book all the CODES of your Notes for example: L111809160G (you will know where your money goes)
Put your coins before sleep ON the Table. If you are more Paranoic take pictures in an OLD camera. Not on your cellphone for security. (This battle is in the case you are a robot while sleep and your coins disappear or maybe a magician enter your room and took your coins) 🕵️‍♀️👩‍🎤