Report one. 8:00 – 8:50

It’s a big Scandal indeed…(no more reports, but i hope that some authority fix it)…It’s a kind of torture because one time ok, but for almost one year, i can’t understand, i was thinking many theories. I feel no desire to make sex it’s not that, it’s really about Nano Robots, the real reason only the country that gave me the vaccine has the real explanation. It’s a scientific matter, not empirical, not amateur, not dirty thing it’s really serious.

Report 05.01 – 11:30h, 15h, 17:51h

Report 06.01 – 11:06, 18:52, 2:05 (pray to God)

16:47 started again now! …

01.01.21 22:06. Don’t do anything if you feel something like this. I have many theories. Nano robots, vaccines. Protect your kids. They are connected with us. Freeze.

I already know. We are connected.

Some scientist can explain it?