Pure Tradition

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Hi! How are you today?

Living here in the Balkans, the red and white the colours of the countries that breath tradition, i learned how to appreciate and learn the culture. Everything that is from the past and take the soul of a country I get very interested. And u? Are you like me? What do you think?

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Last Movies I’ve watched on YTS

  1. Back to The Future – Super Interesting. This teacher scientist is the most crazy teacher ever. I really dream if it was real. 10.
  2. Contact – More than Interesting, it’s a real waste of time to never watch this movie because is one of the best Sci-Fi in what concerns to talk about the Universe. Ellie had a true experience that only she saw, she discovered how to solve the puzzle of an alien message that was a machine to a stellar travel and what was cooler is that people in the end believed her, i believed her too. It’s double worth your time. 20.
  3. Catch me if you can – Talks about a men that is struggling without money and he started to create forms of acquire it, he was succeed and was invited to work in FBI, it’s fun and interesting. Non stop laugh – Leonardo was super fun. 10
  4. Friends with Benefits – If you have a boyfriend it’s perfect. Recommend to above 18 years old. I liked more in the end when they developed more their relationship and finally started to dating seriously. Justin Timbelarke and Mila Kunis were really cute in this movie. Congrats to him and his wife for his second baby. 10.
  5. American Beauty – I don’t like drama movies, the end was creepy, unnecessary but it’s ok, the kind of people that didn’t understand themselves and shit happened in the end. The lesson is communication is everything in relationships. 07.
  6. Forrest Gump – Super interesting movie, I’ve had enjoyed since the beginning, this character was very smart and creative, he made smile and cry. 20.
  7. The war between men and women – I don’t know, it’s the kind of movie that you feel that the script could give more to cause a real impact. But is good. 07.
  8. Finding a Family – The same, good but could give more strength. He is a boy with a single mother that had no emotional support of anyone, and she could not handle the problems, than they got separated and he was adopted by other family, a real dedicated student. 07
  9. The Theory of Everything – Stephen Hopkins history, is sad but at least in the end his family remained together. I think people could be more hot with people that has special necessities, i saw some people not very happy with his presence. A great lesson very smart scientist, i liked the movie, love is the key that motivate us to keep going on and continue to creating, he was best when he was falling in love. 10.
  10. The fault in our Stars – The real life story in each we are always expecting happy endings, in this case the experience and friendship was worth the time they spent together, for people that are struggling with cancer. I liked the part that they visited Anne’s Frank Museum, because i read the book and was very touching. Worth your time. 10.