“In my country i don’t have to choose nothing, we just live our lives”.

“Don’t judge to not be judged also”.

“I love my kids but people treat the matter of “LIFE” with jokes. I think a life is valuable. Two much more”.

” A joke: See madam, we will take your kids from you by force, you will not be allowed to communicate with them either by cellphone, few weeks after, sorry we don’t have your kids”. They cannot talk to you. Sorry. What? Тhe mom said, why?… They didn’t answer, just made jokes”. We love LIFE and we save the kids. The mom watched this very shocked and said, i see… For this i don’t have explanation. She is just a normal mom that love her kids. (It’s not a matter for jokes, if were your kids i want see how you will feel). Don’t need to be gossip for judge others, be gossip to fight for justice. Who is dog now? …

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