Shall God Reveal the truth!

My daughters I love you so much, missing you every minute! Remember our time together, mama loves you and i will not abandon you, never!!!! Still here close to you…we cannot see each other but i’m here.

Looking for my girls, this music remembers me the good time together. Talks about someone fighting for her dreams and discover her true self. Never thought that what i want the most is just to be a happy person surround by good people. A big family. My girls and my friends.

Ballerina a movie of Disney.

Mrs. Doubtfire movie

Very good movie. A great lesson behind. To all women who are thinking in constitute a family. Prevention is the great lesson for life, study first and make a family plan for the future. You should considerate everything, mainly the man you will choose to marry. If you want an advice i should tell this, be single untill 40, when you will have for sure a stable career and after that you can choose a good man to marry, or be single for the rest of your life :). Do not choose a wrong man, or you will have a lot of chances of fuck your entire life. Like in the case of this movie, the father kidnapped the kids and the mother was left behind. This is my best advice for life. Do not marry for any others reasons if is not only for love of both parts involved. Knows well your future mother-in-law, wish you good luck if she does not have many faces like a snake mainly if she tells you that. Good luck in your family journey.