If you have a voice, just use it. Lady Gaga.

What are you waiting for? Instead of say, let’s do it. Challenging you right now…something that should be created everyday on the internet, let’s save our planet, not tomorrow, but now, i’m inviting you and i also would like to contribute. To all my friends around the world.

Reusable grocery bags… We don’t need plastics.

Here everyday people trough away their trash without plastic bags. Just go to the supermarket and take your everyday bag. Let’s just do our part. Another day i read an impacting article about the plastics that our fishes are eating them and this can go trough our bodies, so why we still use plastic bags? Why the supermarkets are offering this? Let’s just don’t use this.

There is a concept ProblemxSolution so if the problem are the plastics and humans are also a problem because they don’t contribute, i ask myself, genius! Eureca! Let’s not use plastics, so we will not be responsible anymore. The fact it’s not humans are guilty about this but the cycle of the problem is that industries don’t stop to producing plastics and we don’t stop to consuming it. So why don’t we stop now???? don’t be a puppet and try to decide now stop to use plastics, but don’t through it away on the streets. When it concerns about our planet never is a waste of time.

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