I love music, music is my therapy…

Be inspired for the ones who actually do…just go ahead! Be happy and healthy! Don’t forget about God and the others that need you.

We live in a matrix, still we have a choice (one good teacher said that). Good or Bad is a question of choice. If you say to yourself i choose do good no matter what, i believe no one can touch you, people will see that your connection with God is very strong. The limits i believe must to be respected, when we go trough the other’s freedom i think it’s a lot. We should respect other’s freedom and privacy. Respect the Kids that are the future of your nation, give them a good education so they can bring prosperity to your country in the future and help the elders. The Elders should not be treated as a waste, they should be treated with respect because when they were young they contributed a lot for the nation, they also spent years of their efforts paying taxes, so they deserve to have a good pension. Help them and don’t allow your population stay without jobs, because the best gift you can do for your nation to grow with prosperity is give job for everybody. When the minds are occupied creating and doing things there is no space for waste.

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