Solutions for have a better market.

For Influencers

Let’s suppose that you are a President, but you are a President that reach only 200m in front of you or you will reach only 1% of people in the social media, maybe because the Youtube will not allow you to reach more.

Start with your community. You don’t need to save the world as a macro system. Instead, look into your environment, your closest connections. Reach for justice around you. Make a map of all injustices in the market and install the justice there.

If you for example see that in your community you have 100 people that don’t have what to eat or what to dress start from this moment. Adopt only one person, if we all work this way i believe we all can reach justice.

Now let’s say that you have a company and you see yourself lost in the amounts of millions of companies and you don’t know how to compete. You just have to join forces, that’s the big secret. Got it? Yes the answer is much more simpler than you imagine. If you say, but we cannot be rich if we reach the justice. I believe that in a way or another we will continue to be rich if we have justice. Think a little about it. It’s really necessary the world to be unfair to reach your dreams? Do you really need to sit in a horse to reach your dreams? Or it’s something to be ashamed? Do you really feel in a united world? Do you really feel that we are together? I wanna feel this love, but while we are separated in races or because of our religion things will never gonna change. (Here in Europe they say that the poors ones are dunkeys, only for make money, so they enjoy fuck the monkey’s life). For each error in your system you will pay very high, i heard this one day. I believe that when we all stop pretending we will reach a fair market. Join your intentions and reach and solve the problems in your community. I cannot shut up for this beautiful initiative of the singer Justin Bieber. I will see this music as a beginning. Let’s start of A generation again spreading a lots of love in our communities.

Thank you. Have a great weekend!