Pra tornar a sua experiência mais agradável você pode:

  • Clicar primeiro na playlist de música e depois começar a ler o conteúdo.
  • Saber que eu sirvo o Deus verdadeiro, o criador do céu e da Terra então fica à vontade pra ler.
  • Sou contra os Cachorros caramelos, eles estão cortando pessoas e roubando as casas e os apartamentos, extorquindo gente famosa e abusando de crianças e animais.
  • Faço protestos e divulgo informações novas.
  • Caso o vídeo demore pra abrir, clica no título do assunto e abre em nova página.
  • Nos Arquivos você pode ler também mês a mês, é bem prático, no celular os posts vão abrindo pouco a pouco, por isso o Arquivo é prático.
  • Eu misturo os idiomas, porque esse site é pra todos.

Espero que tudo esteja bem com você e sua família! Abraços, Michelle.

Do you have any question?

What is the real name of GOD?  He answered already, is יהוה) — YAHWEH! His people, the Jews!

“All who invoke my name will be saved – is יהוה) — YAHWEH . You can say: GOD, the almighty, YAHWEH, the creator of the Universe, of the Planet Earth, please, help me! I need you. He is with us everyday.

He also said: “I’m the beginning and the End. I understand that God is the beginning described in the Bible, like he is the creator, the Old Testament and also he is the End of the System of Things, the New Testament, with Jesus Christ. It’s like he is trying to say, whatever which name you call me, i’m all the things, because i’m the owner of this Universe. I manifest the way i want and i will speak in different ways with everyone. So, who are you to question GOD? You are a merely creation of him. I’m talking about myself, many times i questioned GOD. He does not like it for sure, but this is the way i’m. I question everything.

One thing that people get confused is about Religion. I like to thing about Faith because if i want to talk with GOD i can go in any church, because the Bible is one. The message is only one. The problem is with us, deep inside, if we are in accordance with GOD our spirit is clean, if not, we need spiritual treatment.

Yes, he has a Throne. This is true. 🙂

The book of Tobias

It’s the first time i read, and my conclusion is that this history is one of the bests in Bible. Sometimes they react like the people in Gulliver’s travel. The people in that time were really good, with good hearts.

Tells the history of a man named Tobit, he was helping people that were murdered outside the walls in Ninive, Assirya, he was living there like prisoner. He took bodies of his countrymen he found out of the grave, gave a lot of donations to poor people and received the visit of the Angel Raphael. Raphael had a great participation and helped his son to travel to another city. Raphael is very kind.

After Tobit became blind for 4 years by some sparrows he asked to his son named Tobias a favor, to rescue a investment in silver, that he left for 20 years with a family member named Gabael of the Neftali’s tribe.

In this context there is a women called Sara, she married with 7 men. They all died after the ceremony, she never consummated the wedding night. Very interesting, was described that a demon killed all of them while they slept, in the other day no one could understand. Maybe was her father, that was my conclusion, very strange. She thought about committing suicide because she got a lot of bad reviews, but reflected on the fact and gave up. Rafael appeared when God heard the prayer they prayed, he was sent to solve the case, helping Tobit to regain sight and help Tobias to marry Sara.

I will not tell the whole history, just read, 🙂 i believe you will have the same impressions. They were really nice people, today we almost cannot find people with this royal behaviour. We can learn a lot in how to become better people. Get your upgrade downloading the book!


What happens when we have a market in totally democracy?

This means that everybody works to everybody have their place in the productive cycle, total of unemployed people and active people + the total sum of companies. If we have a deficit of job offers we must to create new companies or reallocate them.

In question of Liberty of expression, we have the right to talk whatever we want, and do whatever we want. For example: If someone give a middle finger this means that this person has the right to do so, and this person doesn’t have to be condemned because of this.

Everyday here i listen some people say: Go fuck yourself for their families, i don’t like to hear, but if i have some extremist here this person could not be alive today. That’s what i mean, people should learn that everything is normal, and if we find some abnormalities we classify these acts CRIME.

The muslins must to learn to respect others. They will learn with time, or God will teach them during their life.

US Secretary Mrs. Nuland

Better people from Afghanistan to not to be in the Nubank land, better they go to another Orient Country or go to USA. We don’t have enough jobs as i see, i’m unemployed for 5 months. By the way, as i said before, they are cutting people because they are here in poverty. The scenario is not favorable. Let’s face the facts.

US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said the Biden administration is engaged in “ongoing intensive diplomatic work” to help US citizens and Afghan allies wishing to leave Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

“We are looking at all possible options – air routes, land routes to continue to find ways for them to help evacuate and to support them in that,” she said during a news briefing.

Nuland welcomed efforts by Qatar and Turkey to reopen the airport in Kabul in coordination with the Taliban. “They have relatively optimistic projections about when that will happen, but we need to see it happen obviously,” she told reporters.

She said the administration’s “top priority” is to get the 100 to 200 remaining US citizens out of the country.

Nuland declined to share details about the possible land routes to minimise potential risks for people who may have to take them.